Sunday, January 25, 2015

Breakfast Sandwich #7 - Short Stack aka Don't Waste My Time With Pancakes

Sandwich: Breakfast Sandwich
Location: Short Stack
Date: January 25, 2015
Cost: $9.99, served with mixed greens, breakfast potatoes or toast.

Another location out of left field. Short Stack was on the list early but I thought it would be some time before I actually made it there. It must have been the name that put me off, the thought being that they specialize in pancakes which seems like a pointless endeavor. Other than kids and people who truly don't understand the idea of going out for breakfast, who orders pancakes? It doesn't matter, the savory portion of the menu looked solid, including the breakfast sandwich.

I like it when a place has a specific style of breakfast sandwich but still offers a few options. Take this sandwich, the egg is cooked over-hard, which I would never order that way if given the choice, but you get your choice of bun. The idea with this mission is to not substitute any items on the sandwich so as to keep the vision pure.

Not pictured: grits with pulled pork!

Aggressive. That bacon tried to touch me.

Ohhhhh jeez, she's a beauty.
The sandwich - I opted for the pretzel roll and mixed greens on the side. Pretzel roll turned out to be the right choice, there is plenty of cheese on this without adding the spicy cheese bread. The roll is soft and didn't quite hold up to all the tasty mess contained within, but I think that was a good thing. I enjoyed the slightly gooey nature of this sandwich. A sloppy sandwich is not always appropriate or desired, but in this case it felt right. The caramelized onions were perfect, and the rhubarb jam added a slight sweet & tartness that didn't really taste like rhubarb. They sparred with the salty bacon in a fantastic way. The tomato slice was like any other tomato in January, which is to say, kind of sad. It certainly didn't hurt the sandwich but it didn't have anything to offer. Everybody knows January tomatoes exist only to remind us that real tomatoes are so much better. Mixed greens were OK, I enjoyed the greens from Bassett Street Brunch Club more. The dressing there had a little more bite to it and these could have used a touch more dressing. I'm still glad I got the greens - adding potatoes would have been too heavy in my belly and the toast option just seems silly.

The result: 4.44 non-pancakes out of 5 non-pancakes. In August, with a proper slice of tomato and a little more zip in the greens dressing, this could be a 5, possibly. Maybe a 4.95. I'm not sure what it will take to get a 5 but we aren't letting the Russians vote so it may happen.

Bonus info #1. They have a bloody mary that looks great. The garnish spear includes a chunk of pickled beet! I didn't try it, but it holds a lot of promise.

Bonus info #2. Worried about your caloric intake? There is apparently a spin class just across the street at MMOCA. I don't know how you sign up or whatever, but it exists:
Raising the roof.

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