Thursday, January 8, 2015

Journey To The Center Of Your Gut

52 breakfast sandwiches is a hell of a lot of sandwiches. I came up with a quick list of 31 different places in Madison that are likely have breakfast sandwiches. I'm sure further research will yield several more but for now there is no danger of running out of choices.

This journey is all encompassing though - the plan is try all options available and every sandwich will be approached with a clean slate/palette. From the Egga Muffin to The Worlds Most Expensive Sandwich (which happens to be a breakfast sandwich), anything is fair game. I hope there will be greasy fast food and free-range-organic-heirloom-heritage bacon and chorizo y huevos tortas and scrambled eggs with bacon bits served on the back of a hedgehog soaked in champagne.

Can I get another napkin, please?

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