Friday, January 23, 2015

Breakfast Sandwich #6 - PDQ aka Never Look A Gift Horse (meat) In The Mouth

Sandwich: Sausage, Egg & Am Cheese English Muffin, 5 oz
Location: PDQ
Date: January 21, 2015
Cost: $2 or Free

Free sandwich. Are there two sweeter words in the English language?

I'm already reaping the rewards of this mission. I walked into work the other morning and a friend tossed me this sandwich and said "Here, put this on your dumb blog". No, he didn't say that, but it was implied, as it should be.

Generally speaking I prefer bacon on my breakfast sandwich, but, a free sandwich is nothing to get picky about. According to the PDQ web site they also offer a ham version of this sandwich. There may be other options as well, you'll have to visit your neighborhood PDQ to find out but only some stores offer these. 

Anyways, this delightful little surprise had sausage on it which is a nice change from the ever expanding presence of bacon in our lives.

The list of ingredients wraps halfway around the sandwich

Add some googly eyes and it would kinda look like Mayor McCheese

Like layers in sedimentary rock
The sandwich - I had to ignore the long list of ingredients. I'm sure there was plenty of mono-sodium-partially-hydrogenated-glyceridic-guar-gum but that's about what I expected. Processed foods for processed people is where we're at in America today. You don't go to PDQ for a Farmers Market experience. (Holy shit, you should click that Farmers Market link so you can read about the breakfast they're putting on this Saturday. Damn.) Anyways, the sandwich was actually pretty good. It could have been hotter but that's my fault cause I was late to work. The sausage was tasty even though it may have been made with horse meat - that's why I didn't read the ingredients. I wonder how these sandwiches come together at PDQ, is there really somebody there cooking eggs? It seems unlikely. You could spend $2 in a lot of ways that would be worse than this grab-n-go breakfast. Just think, if you have $3 you could stop for a sandwich and a scratch off lottery ticket and if you win $10 you're actually getting paid to eat this.

The result: 3.25 out of 5 scratch off lottery tickets. The cost ($2, not free) factored heavily into this rating. I won't be eating a lot of these, mostly because I have about 34 more places that are still on my list, but every once in awhile this is a good option to have.

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