Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015 - The Year Of The Breakfast Sandwich

When I woke up on New Years Day, 2015, I had no idea that the year would be declared The Year Of The Breakfast Sandwich.

The day started uneventfully with loose plans to watch the Wisconsin Badgers play in the Bloomin' Onion Bowl. Kickoff was early, 11 am, and Players Sports Bar & Grill was chosen for maximum television viewing and greasy food options.

Before I even got there I already knew I would order The Buzzy Sandwich, Players version of a breakfast sandwich. Players is consistent with the food and I'd had The Buzzy before so no surprises were expected.

Bloody Mary partially consumed, the sandwich arrived and started flirting with me immediately. The over medium egg yolk was oozing out in lava-flow fashion. I could see that the slice of American cheese on the bottom was perfectly melty.  Bite. Crispy bacon. Salty, eggy cheese. Damn fine. The Texas Toast held it all together. A wimpier bread would have buckled under the cheese and runny egg, but not this toast!

It was a mighty tasty sandwich. Maybe it was my overall pleasant mood, and the Bloody Mary, or possibly it was watching Melvin Gordon trample all over the Auburn Tigers, but this sandwich was TOP NOTCH.

Later I wondered if that breakfast sandwich could so positively affect my day, perhaps more breakfast sandwiches would do the same. What if I had a different breakfast sandwich each week for the whole year? What if this year was dedicated to the breakfast sandwich?

There is only one way to answer these questions and it will require 52 weeks of vague diligence and a hearty digestive system. The bar was set high on January 1 but that is no reason to shy from the task ahead. It will be done in the name of science, or something like science but involving more bacon.