Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Breakfast Sandwich #4 - More Work In The Lab aka Doubling Down On The Chicken

Sandwich: Homemade
Location: My house
Date: January 13, 2015
Cost: However much leftovers cost

The problem with buying eggs is that I always end up with 8 more eggs than I really want. Factor in some extra chicken wings and related items and you have the makings of a fine sandwich although I'll still have too many eggs.

I don't really want to be in the lab making sandwiches. I want to go somewhere and pay somebody to make me a sandwich so I can support the economy like a true American. On the other hand, if I don't eat these leftovers I'll be wasting food, and what's more American than that? Not much, with the possible exception of "not voting".

But, there is the distinct possibility that this sandwich is "cheating". Does plopping an egg on a sandwich really make it a breakfast sandwich? Probably not. Also, I ate this at 8:30 at night - not breakfast time. What constitutes a breakfast sandwich, exactly? These are questions that can't be answered in the lab - the lab is for experimenting, not addressing the great philosophical questions of our time. We're already in the lab so Plato will have to wait.

Ingredients: Egg (chicken), Cholula chicken wings*, Marzetti Ultimate Blue Cheese dressing**, celery, Brownberry 12 grain bread.

Leftover chicken wings (3 drummies, 3 wings, to be exact) and blue cheese.

Add celery

Add egg

Breakfast sandwich?
Result: 4.15 out of 5 chicken beaks. This sandwich was fantastic. After eating the first half I put extra chicken wing sauce on the other half and THAT is what pushed this into a 4 beak rating. I'm not sure what the egg added, but the texture was good, and I think it was a good buffer layer between the celery and the blue cheese dressing. The sandwich would have been fine without the egg, probably, but then it wouldn't be a breakfast sandwich.

All things considered I think this is a breakfast sandwich. Let's say there was a cool little tavern that was known for their chicken wings and they offered breakfast on the weekends. You go to this place on Saturday morning and they offer the sandwich I made here - I would order it without hesitation. In that case it would be a breakfast sandwich, no doubt about it.

*Several years ago the Cholula Hot Sauce web site had a recipe for chicken wing sauce. I've made it dozens of times but modified it to the point that its my own. If you like Cholula Sauce find any recipe for wing sauce and use Cholula in its place, it should work.

**I usually use Marie's Super Blue Cheese but I went to two stores and neither had it, so I tried Marzetti's. I'll probably go back to the Marie's although there was nothing wrong with the Marzetti's.

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