Thursday, February 5, 2015

Breakfast Sandwich #8 - 4 & 20 Bakery & Cafe aka Waiter, There's A Banjo In My Bisquit

Sandwich: Breakfast Sandwich No. 2
Location: 4 & 20 Bakery & Cafe
Date: February 4, 2015
Cost: $5.25, served with fruit.

Normally I have some kind of plan to go out for a sandwich and that generally happens on the weekend. When I found myself with some spare time on a Wednesday morning I knew I had to take the opportunity to have a bonus sandwich. Carpe diem or seize the sandwich or whatever.

It's a good sign when you walk into a place and they're listening to bluegrass, and it happened to be a song I really like. Bonus breakfast sandwich with a side of breakfast banjo - that's a great way to spice up a February morning.

4 & 20 Bakery & Cafe is a little spot tucked behind East High and its very close to my house so it was one of the first places on "the list". Also, they make some tasty scones. They're pushing the limit on use of ampersands but it would be petty to hold that against them.
Options for the people! Check out that Cuban sandwich, I'm coming back for that one of these days.

Simple, yet elegant

The sandwich - I went with No. 2 with the Hooks cheddar & bacon (Warning: ampersand usage is reaching critical levels). I like all the options they give you but I wanted to keep this somewhat basic for reasons of comparison. The Hooks cheddar is a noticeable step up from your regular cheese offerings and it had a nice sharpness with the bacon. The egg was eggy, which is to say, I don't know, its a cooked egg. I would have taken it over medium if given the choice but I don't think the biscuit was designed to deal with that so maybe its for the better. I don't think there is a decent biscuit on the planet that will hold up to a messy sandwich. You'd need a fork for that kind of thing. I'm getting off track here. The biscuit was just a little crumbly but held it together with this grouping of ingredients and now that I think about it, I feel like not too many breakfast sandwiches are served on a biscuit. Maybe further research will prove me wrong.

The result: 4.5 breakfast banjos out of 5 breakfast banjos. This is a damn good sandwich and offered at what I think is a reasonable price. The side of fruit is simple and not an excuse to jack the price up a few dollars (I'm looking at you, breakfast potatoes). The orange was good and a proper seasonal choice. I know, you're thinking "its just an orange" but remember, sometimes a place will give you a few pieces of under ripe honeydew and you chew on one that tastes like a somewhat squishy ice cube with freezer burn and then you leave the rest on the plate. Looking at my price comparisons I may have rated Short Stack a little high (somebody called me out on that and is probably correct). My rating system isn't anchored on some type of official scale so the grades may swerve around a bit.

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