Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Breakfast Sandwich #10 aka I'm Sorry But I Had A Lot Of Food In The House

Sandwich: Another Homemade Jobby
Location: Home, Where The Heart Is
Date: February 15, 2015
Cost: You Can't Put A Price On Things Like This

I already know that nobody gives a rats ass about my homemade breakfast sandwiches but my refrigerator was stocked with all manner of prime ingredients and I could not in good conscious go out to a restaurant. If you've made it this far now would be a good time to stop reading this post. There is probably something else on the internet that is more engaging to read about although surely it isn't the NBA All-Star Game. 321 total points scored. Thats probably more points than every goal ever scored in soccer games since the dawn of time.

The point is that in The Year of the Breakfast Sandwich, homemade breakfast sandwiches count towards the total. If you're reading this from China you already know that Thursday marks the beginning of The Year of the Goat. I don't know if that trumps The Year of the Breakfast Sandwich over there but I know I'd eat a breakfast sandwich made from barbecued or curried goat. Maybe that isn't how they celebrate - by eating the animal that represents the year. That could be difficult in the Year of the Tiger.

Ingredients: Egg (chicken), Usinger's bacon, red pepper, onion, avocado, baby spinach, colby cheese, Brownberry 12 Grain Bread.
Hey sandwich! Put your hat on, this isn't an open-faced kind of a party!

"I'm ready for my cross section."

Result: 4.33 leftovers out of 5 leftovers. I'm rating this against my previous homemade efforts here. That was a damn fine sandwich. I think the egg was probably over easy, it was good and runny. There were a lot of ingredients here and the bacon was crispy so the runny egg helped keep everything moist from getting too dry. What else is there to say? Plenty of flavor and gooey texture. This is the kind of sandwich that can set a positive tone for your day and THAT'S what this research is all about. 

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