Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Further Proof That 2015 Is The Year Of The Breakfast Sandwich

A few weeks ago the annual Isthmus Dining Guide came out and it had a feature article that essentially did a drive-by of the Madison breakfast sandwich scene. Is it really a "scene"? Probably not. I don't think the article is online or I'd link to it. My point is that I took it as confirmation that 2015 is indeed The Year Of The Breakfast Sandwich.

Earlier today an astute reader passed along this article from a newspaper in New York that expounds on the simple pleasures of the classic breakfast sandwich, or BEC, as he says. I wasn't familiar with that shorthand and probably won't ever use it, but I like it anyway.

I can get behind some of the sentiments expressed in the article but I also have no problem with fancy cheeses, designer bacon and creative pectin products, as long as they all come together and sing in perfect tastebud harmony. Besides all that, we don't have breakfast food carts and bodegas or even real bagels if you ask anybody from New York (seriously, don't ask them).
Update 4/14/2015. Several people sent me articles related to sandwiches yesterday. If we were to make a chart showing media coverage of sandwiches there would be a huge spike right around yesterday and today. I wonder why that is.

Gawker responds to the New York Times piece.

Jezebel jumped in with a poll about your breakfast sandwich preferences. I don't like to compartmentalize my preferences in this way.

Rob Thomas at the Cap Times did some dark research at Taco Bell.

The New York Times followed up with a Field Guide To American Sandwiches, not including breakfast sandwiches. I haven't had time to read it so maybe I missed a mention of breakfast sandwiches.

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