Thursday, April 2, 2015

Q1 Report

52 Sandwiches 2015 Q1 Report

Like most media conglomerates the board of directors here at Breakfast On A Bun, Inc. require a review at the end of each fiscal quarter.

With our fiscal quarter coming to a close the Q1 numbers are now in the books and ready for review.

Total sandwiches reviewed: 17
Restaurant sandwiches reviewed*: 12
Average rating: 3.2072 things out of 5 things
Average price per sandwich: $5.93
Total expenditures: $71.19**
Total revenues: $0.00

*Excludes Sandwich #1 which was reviewed prior to SRRS (Sandwich Review & Rating Structure) being put into place. 
**Excludes taxes & tips and includes $2 for sandwich #6 which was technically a non-tax deductible donation. (Thank you Kyle for helping to support important research. Your generous donation was used to provide a second breakfast to one grown man who had already eaten some cereal and possibly a banana).

CEO Report
Q1 was by all measures a success due primarily to the modest goals set forth which amounted to nothing more than consuming breakfast sandwiches. 

It is noted that if the current pace is maintained there will be 68 sandwiches reviewed by year's end, surpassing the goal of 52 by approximately 30%. Potential for lack of interest in the future has been considered. 

There are still 35 locations that remain on the review list and with many restaurants offering more than one sandwich there are no concerns for a shortage of sandwiches to review.

CFO Report
Based on the final financial numbers of Q1 the CFO submits that this endeavor is unsustainable, if not foolish, while conceding that the research is vital to the community at large. Based solely on the importance of the mission it is the CFO recommendation that research continue while considering possible revenue streams as put forth in the Executive Director's report.

Executive Director Report
The Executive Director's focus for Q2-Q4 is to increase revenue streams from their current totals of $0.00.

Projects in the R&D stage which may provide income in Q2-Q4 of 2015:
- Development and licensing of the bacon cannon, both the military version as well as a consumer model with usage aimed at large sporting events and music festivals.
- Further development of mobile phone "app" currently under the working title "MyEggSammy" which allows one to order a breakfast sandwich from anywhere and have it brought to them possibly via drone, Segway, yak or an unemployed millennial on a Big Wheel. Recommendations forwarded to the R&D team. 
- Launch of a line of children's books aimed at teaching youngsters the importance of sandwiches. Debut title "Don't Mess With Grandpa's Sandwich" currently being illustrated in Asia. 
- Recording of children's song and production of accompanying video "It Looks Like The Doggy Ate An Entire Jar of Mayo". Potential sponsors under investigation.
- Debut of breakfast sandwich related clothing line and accessories. Q2 trip planned for inspiration and research. Current itinerary includes New York, Milan, Paris, London and Des Moines.

Q2 plans are to review a minimum of 10 breakfast sandwiches as well as explore items set forth in Executive Director's Report.

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