Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Breakfast Sandwich #20 - Crema Cafe aka Dining In The Eye Of The Hurricane

Sandwich: Breakfast Sandwich
Location: Crema Cafe
Date: April 19, 2015
Cost: $6.00

There almost isn't a reason to say anything about Crema Cafe as way of an introduction. Everybody already knows it's awesome or they probably haven't heard of it at all. It had been at least a year since I had stopped there for a breakfast sandwich but I know they make a great one. From day one it was always a ringer for inclusion here.

If you know about Crema Cafe you know that 10:30 on a Sunday is probably the worst time to go there. They had a decent line and it did move fairy quickly, but I forgot to order the side of Gouda grits so I had to go back through the line. By then the quotient of deluxe baby strollers had increased by three fold. The place was crowded and they kept coming though the door, but the food didn't take too long.

Words describing the sandwich and other stuff.

They were lined up side by each, they were.

Squaring off.
The Sandwich - Had to get the Breakfast Sandwich. Ham & Jam* was tempting but I wanted to see the kitchen's fastball. First, I like the a la carte sandwich. No need for superfluous sides (Gouda grits are not superfluous.) You can see that the sandwich came out in its Sunday best. Right away the bacon flavor was cutting through as it should. I've had a couple of episodes recently of bacon getting lost in a sandwich and it's kind of a crime. The egg, bacon, cream cheese and greens were great sandwich party minglers. I didn't really investigate the greens too closely until I looked at my photo of the menu and it said frisee, but it had arugula on it also. The green ratio on this sandwich was perfect, there is a nice little crunch but I didn't feel like somebody was trying to serve me a salad on bread. It's a bit of a sloppy sandwich but the ciabatta had a toothy grip on everything and that was appreciated.

The Result - 4.71 eyes of the hurricane out of 5 eyes of the hurricane.  There is something to be said of a sandwich that is so good you don't even care that Moms are standing next to your table comparing their hipster babies. I think a lady at the next table actually gave birth to a baby girl and named her Gouda**, but I was too engrossed in my sandwich to really notice. There really isn't anything wrong with this sandwich but it's not perfect. I think we're getting into personal preference here but if I was going to change anything, I'd go lighter on the cream cheese and order the egg over medium so it's a little runny. Extra points for the sandwich coming out cut and plated so nicely. That seems like a minor detail but I think it's important. 

I don't even know what a sandwich that rates a 5 would be, hopefully I'll know it when I taste it. What will probably happen, if there ever is a sandwich that rates 5, is people I know will go get it and then tell me why it ISN'T a 5. It sounds exhausting already. 

* I had a bite of the Ham & Jam and it definitely has potential.

** I went to a web site and ran a name analysis on the name "Gouda":

The name of Gouda will make this youngster head-strong and self-centered, yet she will have a happy-go-lucky outlook on life. She will enjoy meeting people and will make friends easily; however, being expressive and positive in opinion, she could be very cutting and sarcastic at times and will always want the last word in an argument. She will have musical ability and will love to sing, but will find it difficult to follow a routine, and without proper discipline her efforts will be scattered and incomplete. Her emotional nature will create a desire for rich foods and could bring health problems with the liver and kidneys, as well as skin eruptions, particularly during the teenage years.

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