Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Breakfast Sandwich #49 - Mickey's Tavern aka not Mickies Dairy Bar

Sandwich: World's Greatest Sandwich
Location: Mickey's Tavern
Date: December 29, 2015
Cost: $8.50 comes with slaw and chips

I feel like the transition of Mickey's from just a bar with food to a bar known for really good food started happening about 5 years ago. I think they had a few good reviews and then all manner of hungry people started showing up, including a trio of freshly tattooed ladies from Green Bay who thought some of the regulars were "drug addicts" and a guy who thought my friend and I were homosexuals because we were drinking screwdrivers instead of beer. Do gay people prefer screwdrivers? I never did figure that out. It's only fair to mention that all of these people were perfectly pleasant and not causing any trouble, they were just misguided and/or paranoid. This has nothing to do with sandwiches but is perhaps more interesting than me trying to find another word to describe a cooked egg.

Anyway, Mickey's Worlds Greatest Sandwich has been on the list from the beginning. I'd had it several times prior to this year and don't really think of it as a breakfast sandwich because I never ate it in the morning and it's available all day (I think). Still, it conforms to my definition of a breakfast sandwich which is simply a sandwich with a chicken egg on it.
It's really a BLT in disguise.

I like where this is headed.

That fortress of fries will not protect you.
The Sandwich - World's Greatest Sandwich. That sandwich comes with a side of braggadocio, and cole slaw. No options offered here, except for the sides. People go nuts over the sexy fries but I just wanted regular fries. The sandwich is really a BLT with bonus cheese and egg and who would argue with that concept? The toasted sourdough is great for this sandwich, it holds everything together and is always a welcome selection. The egg was cooked to my liking and there was plenty of romaine on here - enough to make me think I was eating healthy. Maybe I was. The tomato was what you expect for December. The bacon was just a touch crispier than I like it and there was definitely too much mayo for my tastes, but it wasn't a sloppy mess. It's worth noting that the vinegar based slaw at Mickey's is fantastic, it has a slightly spicy edge to it.

The Result - 4.28 screwdrivers out of 5 screwdrivers. It's a damn good sandwich. This one was particularly hard to rate, not because of the sandwich but because it's December 29 and it has become clear that I'm not going to review 52 sandwiches before the end of the calendar year*. To be honest, I was kind of forcing the issue with this one. Just a bit. Having said that, it was still a pleasure to eat this sandwich.

*I've decided that The Year Of The Breakfast Sandwich is kind of like the Chinese New Year, it doesn't necessarily conform to our regular calendar. YOTBS was not officially declared until January 7 of 2015. I'm going to need those extra days.

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