Monday, December 21, 2015

Breakfast Sandwich #45 - Gooseberry On The Square aka Man, I'm Getting Down To The Wire

Sandwich: Breakfast Sandwich
Location: Gooseberry On The Square
Date: December 10, 2015
Cost: $6.50

Gooseberry opened in the U.S. Bank Building earlier this year. I was going to go there right when they opened but I looked it up on a Saturday morning and they are not open on weekends. Given that they are located on the square, within a large bank/office complex, it makes sense that they are only open on weekdays. I can't remember what occupied the space prior to them, I believe Sunprint was in that location at some point but I feel like there was another tenant as well. (I'm not going to do any research on it. I'm running out of time to hit 52 sandwiches in 2015 and one of my big obstacles is finding the time to write these reviews. I ate this sandwich 9 days ago and I'm finally sitting down to write this so I'm just going to keep it simple from here on out. There isn't going to be much research in these late reviews and there probably won't be very many mildly interesting links.)

I has some business to conduct on a recent weekday morning so I made it a point to stop by Gooseberry. It's a large space with a cafeteria kind of a feel but it was quiet at 8:45 on a Thursday morning. The sandwich guy said this was typical after the early morning rush.

No surprises here

Marble rye!

The white collar workers trusty AM sidekick.
The Sandwich - Breakfast Sandwich on rye. The bread is really the only option you have to choose on this sandwich, but they offer rye, which is nice. It turns out it's a marbled rye and that's a fun surprise on Thursday morning. This isn't a fancy sandwich and I don't have a lot to say about it except that it was prepared very well - the eggs were a bit fluffy, the cheese melted perfectly and the bacon crisped as it should be. The marble rye was decent but perhaps could have used a little more butter and toasting. It held up on my trip from the Capitol Square to the far east side, so you know the construction was solid.

The Result - 3.92 White Collars out of 5 White Collars. A very fine sandwich, indeed! It's not really a destination sandwich but it was tasty and filling. I felt like it was a little bigger than your average breakfast sandwich and makes for an adequate breakfast if you work in the area. The perfect fuel to get you through those TPS Reports. In that regard it's exactly fulfilling it's role in downtown Madison. The price is right and this one was ready in a just a few minutes.

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