Sunday, December 27, 2015

Breakfast Sandwich #47 - Bagels Forever aka Last Minute Shopping and Research

Sandwich: Egg, Cheese and Bacon on a Bagel
Location: Bagels Forever
Date: December 24, 2015
Cost: $2.23

I wasn't even thinking about a breakfast sandwich. It was Christmas Eve day and I had a few last minute things to pick up and errands to run and while I was doing that I realized I hadn't eaten much and was feeling peckish. About 60 seconds after that realization I saw Bagels Forever and remembered I had them on my sandwich list. It was meant to be, it was a Sandwich of Destiny*. I am rarely in the area of Bagels Forever so I whipped a shitty and got down to business.

They were hanging a sign on the door as I approached that said the deli was closing in 20 minutes. Just in time. I ordered a bacon, egg and cheese out of habit, and choose a 7 grain bagel. I guess I thought that would be a healthier option. As they prepared the bagel I saw the meat case stocked with Boar's Head products. Dammit. I probably should have gotten the egg, cheese and salami on an onion bagel. Haste makes taste waste.
I like that melty cheese. I also like that foil wrapping paper. It makes me feel like I'm at a sporting event.

The Sandwich - Egg, Cheese and Bacon on a 7 Grain Bagel. I already expressed my buyers remorse above. I think the "closing soon" sign and general Holiday angst led to my quick and possibly ill-considered sandwich order. So be it. The choice of bagel is really your only option, whatever kind of bagels they have is what you can get your sandwich on. That's a bit overwhelming. I considered an egg bagel but that seems redundant. The chicken egg is a perfect little patty. Most of those grab & go type sandwiches have the egg cooked the same way, which is, not runny. Imagine the mess you would make on your tie, or desk, or both. The cheese was nicely melted and the bacon was crisp. The bagel could have been toasted better, it was a bit chewy. A bagel is a hearty delivery system and holds up well to messy cheese and condiments and such. This one could have used something like that, it was a shade on the dry side.

The Result - 3.62 Stocking Stuffers out of 5 Stocking Stuffers. I'll tell you this - the price is right on the Bagel Forever breakfast bagel. It's a perfectly suitable quick sandwich if you're in the area or your commute takes you down University Avenue. Overall I found it to be unremarkable but I think I've gotten snobbish and my standards are high. What can one expect for $2.23? My memory is that the sandwich board listed them at $2.25 but the web site says $2.23. Also, I may not have gotten their best effort. It was the afternoon of Christmas Eve and they probably wanted to get on with their holiday plans. I can't fault them for that. Anyway, if I ever get the chance for another sandwich there I'm getting the salami on an onion bagel and maybe throwing some mustard on there. Just a taste

*I knew a kid in high school who thought Judas Priest had an album called "Sandwich of Destiny". It's really "Sad Wings of Destiny". Sandwich of Destiny is more applicable to my life at this point, but I'll always have a soft spot for "Victim of Changes" and "The Ripper", although I prefer the live versions. 

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