Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Breakfast Sandwich #24 - Underground Butcher aka Swine Is Fine

Sandwich: Ham, Cheddar and Egg
Location: Underground Butcher
Date: May 24, 2015
Cost: $6

I didn't know Underground Butcher had sandwiches until just a few weeks ago, much less breakfast sandwiches. The breakfast sandwiches are only available on Saturday and Sunday but the regular sandwiches are on the menu all week long.

Their breakfast sandwiches are so elusive and rare they aren't even listed on the web site, you just have to know about them, I guess. Luckily for me, people are now always talking to me about breakfast sandwiches, even in weird places like hospital emergency rooms, churches and mosques, and public restrooms. Just the other day I was getting my teeth cleaned and the dental hygienist said, "So, who has the best breakfast sandwich?" to which I replied "whadayaradafuyyahblag?" which translates to "Why don't you read the fucking blog?" I didn't think she would understand me but I might have known better cause she shot me an annoyed look, put down her stabby-mouth toys, and left the room. She came back 25 minutes later and said "I think you were a little harsh on Cracker Barrel", and then proceeded to treat my gums like they were the epicenter of the tartar buildup revolution.

The point is that I heard about Underground Butcher breakfast sandwiches and a plan was hatched to meet a friend there to try one, and that's exactly what happened.
I forgot to take a picture of the chalkboard menu and since the breakfast sandwiches aren't listed on the web site I don't have a reliable way to convey the information to you other than my memory, which is not reliable. They have two sandwiches: Ham, Cheddar and Egg, or, Cheddar and Egg. Both are served on what I believe is a house-made biscuit. The sandwich without ham is $5, maybe. It's possible that they change up the breakfast sandwiches and offer different options from time to time, but I don't know. Like I said, their breakfast sandwiches are rare and elusive, even more rare than a bar on the east side of Madison without PBR Tall Boys. 

Holy smokes, she's a real HUMDINGER!

Do you realize what's happening here? Look at all that cheesy, eggy goo, and yet it is maintaining structural integrity. This sandwich is defying the laws of physics!

The Sandwich - Ham, Cheddar and Egg. At most places I would shy away from ham, expecting the sad, sweaty, deli variety, unceremoniously flopped between an egg and some bread. Not here, of course. They aren't playing around with the meat products at Underground. Besides, there was no option for bacon or whatever, but that's fine. The ham was a nice slice of salty, mildly fatty, goodness and the cheddar was properly melted. I think the egg was done over easy and it was wonderful. They offered hot sauce when the order was placed and I accepted. Not sure what type they used but it provided just a shade of heat that worked well with the rest of it.

The Result - 4.69 PBR Tall Boys out of 5 PBR Tall Boys. Simplicity has its place in the breakfast sandwich world and you could argue that the classic meat-egg-cheese is the cornerstone of the genre. There is certainly a place for greens and chive such-and-such, but if simple is done well it's really all you need. This was, simply, a great breakfast sandwich. It was tasty, sloppy and a great antidote for a rainy morning. I don't really have any complaints or suggestions as to what would make it better. These are answers we are all searching for, I believe.

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