Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Breakfast Sandwich #25 - Taco Bell aka Don't Knock It Till You Try It

Sandwich: A.M. Crunchwrap with Sausage
Location: Taco Bell (East Washington Ave.)
Date: June 9, 2015
Cost: $2.69

Taco Bell is somewhat new to the breakfast game (oh sorry, it's a WAR) having only started selling breakfast tacos and such since 2014. I had probably seen their ads for burritos and breakfast tacos dozens of times before it dawned on me that I would have to add them to my list. There is a Taco Bell conveniently located between my house and work so I knew I could make a weekday stop for research. Weekday stops are crucial to meeting my goal of 52 sandwiches - I can't make it out for breakfast every weekend and I also can't go out both days of the weekend to try to catch up if I miss a week. Factor in a Tuesday morning Crunchwrap and we have a sustainable business model.

I was dreading the day I would make the morning run for the border. It's Taco Bell, it might taste OK at 1 AM but it couldn't possibly be a good thing to consume in the morning. Just the other day I had a conversation with friends about Taco Bell and it was determined that the only time it tastes good is when you have low expectations, which should be every visit.

I don't know if they offer all the breakfast items at all locations, but the drive-thru menu showed only three items, none of which are breakfast tacos. I'm sure if I had gone inside there would have been a wider array presented. No matter, the breakfast tacos kind of look like the pork buns at Umami but I feel like an asshole for even saying that. There just can't be a comparison. I did not get the breakfast taco.

The menu only showed two Crunchwraps, a Breakfast Burrito and Donut Thingys. 

That coffee lid sure is happy.

It's a Breakfast Puck!

The Sandwich - A.M Crunchwrap with Sausage. The other options are bacon and country sausage. I learned that the country sausage sandwich has gravy on it and the regular sausage has creamy jalapeno sauce, which is what I chose. The dude at the drive-thru window was in a damn good mood and the sandwich took a few minutes, a lot longer than a Fiery Gorrito or whatever you order at 1:00 AM. I took the delay as a good sign, it meant they were actually making the sandwich, not just pulling it off the rack.

Unwrapping it at work I wasn't impressed with it's puck-like appearance but, expectations were low, and it looked like it was grilled well. Slicing it revealed consistent layers but lacking the classic cheesy-eggy ooze.

I may as well just say it, this is a decent sandwich, especially for the price. I expected the sausage to be a salty and grisly mess but it was OK. The thin layer of potato at the top was really nice, the egg was a bit fluffy. The cheese could have been more melty, that would have helped. There was just a bit of the creamy jalapeno sauce and it was good. I could have taken more of it to be honest. Anybody thats ever had a full bite of sour cream from some haphazardly assembled Burrito Supreme knows what a dangerous statement that is, but I stand by it.

The Result - 3.75 low expectations out of 5 low expectations. There is very little chance I'll go back to get one of these again but it's a good deal and a surprisingly tasty sandwich. If we're talking about Breakfast Wars the McMuffin has just been lured into the Russian Winter.

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