Thursday, February 2, 2017

Breakfast Sandwich #83 - McDonald's McGriddle aka McKu Review

Saturday morning taste test

sausage, egg and cheese
breakfast sandwich cornerstones
served on griddle cakes

three seventy nine
standard fast food sandwich cost
tax not included

stamped with golden arch
is there a branding iron?

maple syrup smell
olfactory sensation

by design, clearly
a trick to fool the taste buds
not this reporter

more smell than flavor
this sausage patty lacks verve
the cheese so melty

folded chicken egg
predictable like spring rain
yet I yearn for yolk

griddle cake breakdown
a proper sandwich vessel?
my sticky digits

now introspective
did this sandwich touch my soul
or give reach around?

an empty feeling
pervasive and incomplete
not a happy meal

two point six arch tats
out of five golden arch tats
I'm not loving it

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