Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Breakfast Sandwich #58 - Crostini Sandwiches aka Down On The Corner

Sandwich: Bird's Nest BLT
Location: Crostini Sandwiches
Date: June 18, 2016
Cost: $6.25

Crostini Sandwiches has been cranking out flavor on the corner of North and East Johnson Streets for 3 years. The space used to be a Milio's and then briefly became an empanada shop that was never open when I tried to go there. It's currently sandwiched (that's right) between a retro/vintage stuff shop and a sketchy looking Asian Massage joint. It also happens to be my neighborhood sandwich shop, for which I feel very lucky. Everybody should have a place like this just down the street from their house.

I've had several Italian Beef sandwiches, the Crostini Combo and the Chicago Dog (not listed on their online menu) and they set my expectations high. I think the breakfast sandwich is a relatively new offering, or I just hadn't noticed it on the menu board before.

Saturdays Only!

To be perfectly clear - that is only half of the sandwich.

The Sandwich - Bird's Nest BLT. The only choice offered is the bread, white or 9 grain wheat. I went with the wheat and I ordered this sandwich to go. As with previous Crostini sandwiches, I was impressed and tantalized as soon as I opened the bag. The spring mix was piled on thick and it was one of those sandwiches you knew was going to require multiple napkins. Sloptastic! The bacon was crisp, the egg was fried and the bread was perfectly toasted but not quite up to the task at hand. You would need a baguette or something hardier than standard bread to keep this sandwich in check. The tomato was the only sub-par part of this sandwich and thats probably due to the time of the season.

The Result - 4.29 Corner Sandwich Shops out of 5 Corner Sandwich Shops. I've noticed my ratings are higher when I haven't had a breakfast sandwich for several weeks but still, this was a fine sandwich. I liked the ample amount of greens and the level of slop. Normally I like a runny egg but that wouldn't have worked on this one, the slop would have been UNCONTROLLABLE. Whatever. Crostini has yet to steer me wrong and I'm proud to call them my neighbor. 

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