Friday, May 13, 2016

Breakfast Sandwich #57 - C's Restaurant & Bakery aka Mysteries of Middleton

Sandwich: Breakfast Croissant Sandwich
Location: C's Restaurant & Bakery
Date: May 1, 2016
Cost: $8.25, comes with hash browns

I had never heard of C's Restaurant & Bakery but I was passing through Middleton on a Sunday morning and there it was. So, here we are. It's in an old fast food location - they still have the drive up window - but I can't remember what used to be there. Maybe a KFC? Inside they've gone to some lengths to make it look less like a fast food joint. The results are something like Martha Stewart meets Country Farmhouse but they've done a good job of covering the KFC sad ham sheen with wallpaper featuring ducks or gingham or whatever. They've added a small diner-style counter with about 10 seats and a bakery case filled with items that are "homemade daily", according to the web site. As if that weren't enough they've built a gazebo outside for folks to hang out in while they wait for their table. It's a nice touch even if it is surrounded by asphalt. These are the kinds of things that happen in Middleton.

That's not a full sized dinner plate but it's still an ample sandwich. 

I wasn't happy with this cross section shot.

That's better.

The Sandwich - Breakfast Croissant Sandwich - ham, bacon or sausage patty on a grilled croissant with scrambled egg and choice of cheese served with hash browns. I choose bacon and cheddar cheese. I've noted before that a croissant isn't the ideal bread for a sandwich. The shape isn't right, that's part of it, but it's more than that. I think of the croissant as the proudest of the baked breads, and yes, perhaps it's even snooty. Is the croissant offended when chicken eggs and cheese and salt and fat get piled onto it? I think it might be. It's like going to a steakhouse and putting ketchup on your filet. That filet is pissed! Still, they look good and its fun to say "croissant". This croissant was more squishy than flakey but somehow it kept the sandwich together. You can see from the photo there was ample bacon, cheese and egg. The bacon was crisped just how I like it.

The Result - 3.89 Parking Lot Gazebos out of 5 Parking Lot Gazebos. This was a very good if not remarkable sandwich. I would have liked the eggs somewhat runny and the croissant wasn't really working for me although it did it's job despite turning into nothing more than a smashed doughy delivery system. The hash browns were solid although I like them done a little more so they have that outer crispy layer. I should also note that I ordered this to go and despite it being a full house on a Sunday morning the food came up quickly and the hostess transferred my coffee to a travel cup and I was on my way. They're running a tight ship over there in Middleton.

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