Thursday, July 9, 2015

Breakfast Sandwich #29 - Marigold Kitchen aka This Is Not The Pinckney Street Hideaway

Sandwich: Marigold Breakfast Sandwich
Location: Marigold Kitchen
Date: July 3, 2015
Cost: $8

I used to work near Marigold Kitchen and it was a regular stop for lunch and an occasional place for breakfast. It's been awhile since I've worked in the area and I couldn't remember the last time I had been there, but I knew they had a breakfast sandwich that beckoned for a review.

Marigold sits in the spot where the Pinckney Street Hideaway used to be. There must be some kind of good mojo in that location although if I had my choice I think I'd take the Hideaway, nothing against Marigold.

This is sandwich review #29 and frankly I'm shocked that I've made it this far. Now that we're in the peak of summer I'm finding it hard to sit down to write these, which take far longer than you might think although that is clearly the result of my, ummm, skills. A friend of mine had a baby the other day in less time than it takes me to crank out one of these missives. Side note - Meriter Hospital, where the baby was born, has a build your own breakfast sandwich option, at least for those that are in the birthin' area. I received a photo of the menu, the sandwich and a short review. The sandwich was rated 3.5 placentas out of 5 placentas, with the turkey sausage as the major reason for the low score. I have just under 6 months left of this but I seriously doubt I will be able to top the placenta rating system put forth for that sandwich. It almost makes the rest of this research seem futile.

But, I will continue to chew my way towards the truth. I recently mentioned getting some blood work done and my cholesterol levels check out so I have no excuse to quit now.  Well, other than laziness, and the fact that my boat (The USS Over Easy) doesn't have Wi-Fi. I could be writing these while flitting about in the harbor but I would have to jot it down in a notebook with a pencil. That's just stupid.

I forgot to take a photo of the menu, luckily the info is listed online:

Marigold Breakfast Sandwich - fried egg, cheddar-spiked boursin, bacon, tomato and green onion on toasted ciabatta

That's a mighty fine way to start a holiday weekend.


Get that sandwich some sunscreen. 
The Sandwich - Marigold Breakfast Sandwich. One choice. I'm coming to really appreciate the single offering although places with multiple sandwiches could potentially get a second visit. Marigold makes great food and this sandwich was no exception. Bacon was nicely crisped, the chicken egg was fried perfectly and in this case a runny egg may have been too messy. There is a lot of the cheddar-spiked boursin and it makes for a borderline sloppy sandwich, but the ciabatta holds it in place. The tomato wasn't sad but it wasn't like the tomatoes we'll be eating soon.

The Result - 4.03 no-we're-not-talking-about-placentas out of 5 no-we're-not-talking-about-placentas. This is a top level sandwich but perhaps just isn't aimed exactly at my tastes. If I were going to tailor this sandwich for my mouth I'd make the egg runny, crank up the amount of cheddar for a extra "bite", use less boursin (which I gather is cream cheese) and perhaps put a dash of hot sauce on it. It's still a damn good sandwich.

I may have a guest reviewer lined up for a ride along soon. An actual writer-person. A wordsmith. These things are hard to coordinate so it may take awhile.

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