Sunday, March 13, 2016

Breakfast Sandwich #53 - Bloom Bake Shop aka Good Neighbors

Sandwich: Wisconsin Biscuit Sandwich
Location: Bloom Bake Shop
Date: March 12, 2016
Cost: $7

Bloom Bake Shop was recommended by a couple of people and I had been hoping to get out there for awhile but I was waiting for an opportunity to find myself in Middleton. It was starting to look like that situation wasn't going to present itself so I just went. It's a real journey to get there, 9.7 miles to be exact. By Madison standards that is a long way. This isn't Southern California. I mean, it's another whole town, village, city. Middleton is the "Good Neighbor City".

Before you even get into Bloom, you are greeted with this:
A SANDWICH ON A SANDWICH BOARD! YAAAYYY. Also, it looks like somebody lost a brick. 
That sign is pretty neighborly, you have to admit.
Wall menu.

It looks even better than the one on the sandwich board.
The Sandwich - Wisconsin Biscuit Sandwich. No options offered although by the way it is worded on the menu it seems like the cheese may vary from time to time. I should have asked what was on mine but it was a melty, stringy, white cheese. The sandwich came out nicely stacked and looking all perky on the plate. It really was an attractive sandwich. The chicken egg wasn't cooked runny how I like it but it is apparently local, like everything else on this sandwich. There is a really good chance that they know the name of the chicken that made the eggs. The biscuit is a standout here - flakey and buttery and all those words everybody uses to describe a good biscuit. It wasn't crumbly and held up well. For me, the real secret to this sandwich was the stone ground mustard. I don't know what kind it was but it blended with everything perfectly and was portioned well with a couple of small pockets of extra mustardy goodness tucked into places. Of course the bacon was great.

The Result - 4.91 Good Neighbors out of 5 Good Neighbors. This is an excellent sandwich. Perhaps a little on the pricey side but thats what you get with all those local/free range/GMO Free/organic/freshly-tickled ingredients. Whatever. It's a delicious, simple, standard breakfast sandwich. The basics done as they should be. The shop is comfortable and the service is friendly and excellent. While I was there several people came in for their cakes or cupcakes or whatever they ordered for their parties. I'm guessing the baked items are fantastic and have a reputation unto themselves.

While I was driving out there I considered going to Hubbard Avenue Diner as well, just to get some extra research in. I abandoned that plan as foolish after this sandwich. 

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