Thursday, March 12, 2015

Diversions - Latvian Breakfast

A few weeks ago Lindsay Christians of The Cap Times published a short piece about this blog in the Recent Obsessions section of the paper. That was a pleasant surprise.

Immediately after that piece ran the blog had page views from Russia, Singapore and Latvia, among other places. That surprised me until I considered that the University of Wisconsin annually churns out thousands of graduate students who disperse across the globe to study the "ancient mating habits of whatever", or possibly something related to sandwiches. Those ex-pats probably like to keep in touch with the pulse of Madison. This theory seems to hold more water than the idea that somebody in Singapore is so bored they are seeking out random musings on breakfast sandwiches.

The hit from Latvia was the most surprising. Everything I know about Latvia I learned watching Seinfeld. I felt some research was in order, and by that I mean I would spend upwards of a minute searching for information about breakfast in Latvia.

Wikipedia really came through for me on Latvian Breakfast. "Typical Latvian breakfast usually consists of open sandwiches with toppings made of vegetables, fish, eggs or cheese." Breakfast Sandwiches. Its a worldwide phenomenon.

I feel like I've learned something here.

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